Starbucks Reserve® Roastery Tokyo marks 5th anniversary

The anniversary celebration will span six months starting February 28

The theme of the celebration is 5 Senses and Coffee

Starbucks Coffee Japan, Ltd. is marking the five-year anniversary of the Starbucks Reserve® Roastery Tokyo with a six-month long celebration starting February 28.

The concept of the anniversary is 5 Senses and Coffee. From the end of February until early September, the Tokyo Roastery will host a series of three experiential moments that engage the five senses. The commemorative collection released for the celebration will include mugs and bottles adorned with limited edition anniversary art.

The story behind the anniversary art

The art that has been created to celebrate this occasion builds on the theme that a story begins with the singing of the Siren. The art heralds the opening of the anniversary celebration period and is drawn by Shogo Ota, a Seattle-based artist who has worked on several collaborative pieces of art with Starbucks globally. The central motif is the Siren, a mermaid with two tails and a beautiful singing voice to charm sailors. The five stars represent the singing voice of the Siren as she reaches out. Elegant, billowing hair represents waves and the aroma of coffee. On the body, symbols of the Tokyo Roastery are painted, such as Cupper Cask and Roaster. The symbols weave in exterior architectural design, cherry blossom trees swaying along the Meguro River and coffee trees. The shape of the two tails is the most distinctive feature of the Siren and is reminiscent of rich coffee pouring into a cup.

During the anniversary promotion, partners (employees) at the Tokyo Roastery will welcome customers wearing a silk-screen printed bandana featuring this artwork.

Additional details are available at Starbucks Stories Japan.

Artist - Shogo Ota

Born in Gujo City, Gifu Prefecture. After graduating from high school, Shogo Ota moved to the U.S., and majored in art at the University of Idaho. After graduation, he worked at a design studio in Seattle. In November 2012, he established Tireman Studio in Seattle and started his own business. He has several collaborative experiences with Starbucks, such as Green Cup Starbucks launched in 2016, artwork in You & Starbucks launched by Starbucks Coffee Japan in 2018, and the design for the cup with a single stroke in 2020.

More information about Shogo Oto can be found here.

Anniversary rollout schedule and themes

Story and Coffee: February 28 to Early May

Unparalleled passion and incredible stories of are infused in the journey from a single coffee tree to the best cup of coffee available. Embark on a sensory experience as the coffee takes center stage at the Tokyo Roastery, where customers are invited to hear the stories of those who make Starbucks coffee come to life. In April, the Tokyo Roastery is planning to hold innovative events elevating the story of coffee throughout the month. More information is coming soon.

Handcrafted and Coffee: Early May to Late June

Handcrafted goods are everywhere at the Tokyo Roastery. Items made by baristas, chefs, craftsmen and artists have a unique texture and warmth that can only be found in products that have been crafted by hand with skill and thought. The Tokyo Roastery will deliver an experience customers can feel and taste together with the stories behind it.

Time and Coffee: Late June to Early September

At the Tokyo Roastery, there is a belief that coffee can be more enriched by pairing it with time. During the energetic morning sun, the relaxing evening, or in the deep night, coffee will sharpen the senses. The Tokyo Roastery provides a coffee experience that customers can savour with their five senses in harmony with the passage of time.

Artist collaboration collection reflecting the stories of the last five years

To celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Tokyo Roastery, seven items with anniversary art, such as mugs and bottles will be available on February 28. Merchandise will feature the Siren on stainless steel bottles; the infamous White Whale from which the Starbucks brand name is derived; the quetzal, African elephant, and Sumatran tiger, which symbolize the three major coffee origin countries; and the carp which is a national finish of Japan. The artwork illustrates the story of Starbucks, from the beginning in 1971 in Seattle, to today, celebrating five years of the Tokyo Roastery. The lineup comes with a total of seven items, such as mugs, shoulder bags and Coffee Passport, which is perfect for using as a coffee-tasting notebook.

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