Starbucks Korea Receives Presidential Award for Environmental Conservation

Starbucks Korea has been awarded the prestigious Presidential Award for Environmental Conservation for its outstanding contributions to environmental conservation, the highest corporate honor bestowed on organizations in the country. The award was presented at the annual Environment Day ceremony in Yongin, Seoul.

The Ministry of Environment recognized a total of 35 individuals and organizations, including companies, schools, and civic groups, for their efforts in environmental preservation. Starbucks Korea excelled out, earning the top accolade - the Presidential Award.

"We are honored to be recognized through the Presidential Citation on Environment Day," said Starbucks Korea CEO, Ryan Sohn. "Starbucks will continue to enhance customer participation in sustainable practices through various eco-friendly efforts."

Starbucks Korea has been proactively participating in the Ministry of Environment's Voluntary Agreement to reduce disposable items since 2013. Through this initiative, the company has saved more than 150 million disposable cups over the past 17 years.

Building on this success, Starbucks Korea recently signed an agreement with the Ministry of Environment to further promote the use of reusable cups. The company also plans to install tumbler washing machines in all its stores by 2026, making it even easier for customers to embrace sustainable practices.

Starbucks Korea's commitment to sustainability extends beyond its cup initiatives and the "Reusable (No Disposable) Cup Day" campaign, held on the 10th of each month since 2018 is a nationwide initiative that encourages customers to use reusable cups in all Starbucks stores, fostering a culture of environmental stewardship.

The company’s commitment to sustainability has extended to its product offerings with the recent introduction of coffee ground trays, the first recycled resource product certified by the Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Institute under the Ministry of Environment. These trays incorporate 20% coffee grounds, the equivalent of 12 tall-sized Americanos.

This prestigious recognition underscores the company’s unwavering commitment to the Starbucks Environmental Promise to ‘Give more than we take’. Starbucks Korea’s continuous efforts to reduce waste, promote reusable practices, and implement innovative recycling solutions are a testament to its commitment to creating a greener future.