Over 400 partners earned their bachelor’s degrees through Starbucks Korea College Achievement Plan

Supporting Starbucks partners bridge to a better future through education

On February 17, Starbucks celebrated the graduation of 46 partners (employees) who earned their bachelor’s degrees with Hanyang Cyber University as part of the Starbucks Korea College Achievement Plan. More than 400 partners have graduated from the program since its inception in 2016.

Scarlet, shift supervisor at Starbucks Mokdong, a graduate in Hotel and Food Service Management and recipient of the Academic Achievement Award said, “I applied because I wanted to pursue personal development in my own time after my scheduled work shift. It was great to be able to study without constraints of time and space, making it possible to continue even when I moved to a new location.”

Since 2016, Starbucks Korea has partnered with Hanyang Cyber University to support partners in pursuing higher education and earning their degrees.

Starbucks partners enrolled at Hanyang Cyber University are entitled to free tuition support. There is no obligation for them to stay at Starbucks after graduation. Full tuition support is provided to all students during the first semester. From the second semester, students who achieve an average grade of “B” or higher will be eligible for a scholarship to cover full tuition.

“Working at Starbucks, where I meet many people daily, I wanted to study the ‘human mind’. With the knowledge I gained, I want to embrace both partners and customers,” said Jade, shift supervisor at Starbucks Juan, a graduate with a degree in Psychology Counseling

Starbucks Korea and Hanyang Cyber University also offer the Coffee Journey Program to partners with exceptional academic records. This program allows them to learn about the latest coffee trends and expand their horizons by visiting Starbucks stores overseas. Partners can visit the iconic Starbucks Roasteries in Shanghai and Tokyo, and the Asia Pacific Starbucks office in Hong Kong to gain first-hand experience of the global coffee trends in the region.

“I am proud of the partners who have dedicated themselves to their studies with a passion for learning,” said Ryan Sohn, ceo of Starbucks Korea. “We will actively support the career development of partners who are doing their best to achieve their dreams through the Hanyang Cyber University bachelor's degree support program (Starbucks Korea College Achievement Plan).”

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