Starbucks Reserve™ Hiraya store offers a breathtaking panorama experience in Tagaytay City, Philippines

Starbucks Philippines announces the opening of its first Starbucks Reserve™ store in Tagaytay City, a milestone for the company as it celebrates its 25th anniversary
Debuting the exclusive new Starbucks OVISO™ espresso machine, designed to elevate the art of espresso

This month, Starbucks Philippines marks its 25th anniversary with the opening of its one-of-a-kind store, Starbucks Reserve™ Hiraya. Located in Tagaytay City, the Starbucks Reserve™ Hiraya store will take customers on a stunning visual journey where the store's intricate design offers breathtaking views of Taal Lake, one of the largest lakes in the Philippines. With its distinctive design and expanded menu, the store invites customers to indulge in an elevated coffee experience.

"Opening Starbucks Reserve™ Hiraya, our first Starbucks Reserve™ store in Tagaytay City, marks a significant milestone for Starbucks Philippines as we celebrate our 25th anniversary in the market. The name 'Hiraya', is a variant of the Old Tagalog term ‘haráya’, which translates to imagination, creativity, or the power of the mind. By coming together with our customers and partners (employees), this store is a testament to what we can achieve with boundless imagination," shared Menchu Lopez, Store Development head of Starbucks Philippines.

"We are dedicated to deepening our connection with those who resonate with the Starbucks Experience, and the opening of Starbucks Reserve®™ Hiraya allows us to deliver this through an innovative concept that fills us with pride."

Bringing Hiraya to life

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines, Tagaytay is renowned for its spectacular view of the Taal Volcano Island and the surrounding lake. Starbucks Reserve™ Hiraya, sits on the ridge that overlooks some of the most picturesque and attractive scenic areas in the region, the Taal Volcano, providing a resort-like environment for visitors to appreciate the natural beauty while they enjoy their favorite hand-crafted Starbucks® beverages.

The architecture complements the distinctive landscape by creating a thoughtful transitional space between indoors and outdoors, with flat rooflines, oversized windows, and overhanging eaves. Inspired by terraces of a coffee estate, the nearly 500 square meter store features terraced seating to ensure an enhanced view of the volcano. Visitors are invited to embark on a journey that not only celebrates the Tagaytay character, but also Starbucks coffee heritage.

The first encounter is a delicate shadow play of a coffee botanical pattern cast by the canopy’s wood-carved screens. The wooden entry doors are also adorned with intricate carvings of the coffee plant. As visitors enter the spacious foyer, they arrive at a height that offers an overall impression of the café lobby in front of a picturesque backdrop of the scenic views beyond.

Visitors are encouraged to navigate through various spaces of the store, including a bar with familiar Starbucks offerings on one side, a secluded lounge on the other. Center stage is a signature Reserve Bar, brewing rare small-lot coffees on the Starbucks proprietary OVISO™ espresso machine, the very first one in the Philippines and one of the few currently featured at Starbucks Reserve™ stores globally.

As the journey unfolds, the space opens up into outdoor viewing terraces. Each terrace is arranged to maximize the unobstructed view of the volcano.

Celebrating local Artisanal Craftsmanship

At Starbucks Reserve™ Hiraya, the thoughtful use of local materials and artisanal crafts is intentional. From the look and feel of mahogany wood and lava stone used throughout the store, to the woven rattan panels above the Reserve Bar, every texture and detail reflects the charm of Tagaytay.

All wood carvings featured in the store are made by Filipino artisans. The unique wall art installations are designed by local contemporary artist, Aze Ong, specifically for this store. Inspired by coffee origins and taste profiles, the bean-to-cup coffee journey is expressed through the artist’s use of colors, shapes and weaving techniques.

Elevated offerings for food, beverage, and merchandise

Alongside the stunning visual journey, customers can also experience exclusive freshly baked pastries at Starbucks Reserve™ Hiraya, the only store in the Philippines to offer this delectable experience. Customers can indulge in a delightful selection of freshly baked pastries, from flaky croissants to delicious milk and cheese rolls.

One of the highlights of Starbucks Reserve™ Hiraya is the meticulously crafted Hiraya Latte. This extraordinary beverage is specially created for this newest Starbucks Reserve® location.

Additionally, Starbucks Reserve™ Hiraya offers an exclusive premium line of merchandise, inspired by the richness of the land.

Connecting Over Coffee- Starbucks OVISO™

At the heart of Hiraya lies OVISO™, the latest innovation in espresso machines by Starbucks, designed to elevate the art of espresso. The Starbucks proprietary OVISO™ espresso machine includes patented bottom-fill espresso shot and milk steaming technologies displayed on the counter, with an under-the-counter espresso machine.

This unique design unlocks a new visual experience in a more open environment where customers and baristas can connect over the brewing process of the espresso shots. Customers are immersed in all the sensorial elements of the coffee process— from selecting the beans to seeing their drink come to life— resulting in a more personal connection with the barista, the beverage, and the moment.

The OVISO™ espresso machine is specifically designed for Starbucks Reserve™ coffees to create consistent and exquisite beverages.

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