Neighborhood Grants

Starbucks has always been about great coffee. But we are much more than that. 

Our mission to nurture the limitless possibilities of human connection means working to strengthen the communities we serve, one conversation at a time. And because we know that it is our partners (employees) who know their neighborhoods best, our impact on local communities is most meaningful when it begins with them. 

Through The Starbucks Foundation’s Neighborhood Grants program, Starbucks invites partners and Starbucks Alumni to nominate local grassroots, community-led nonprofit organizations in their community to receive small grants that range from $1,000 to $10,000. Neighborhood Grants also help build sustained local impact and inspire partners to engage with nonprofits all year long. 

The PARC – Amarillo, TX 

Barista Hayden describes the importance of grants to The PARC, an organization he has been volunteering with since he was 14, and shares a message to his fellow Starbucks partners: “I nominated The PARC for a Neighborhood Grant because they’re really people focused. And if you consider the heartbeat of Starbucks, yes, we do a lot with coffee, but we do a lot with people. What makes the Neighborhood Grant so special is that partners, individuals like me, get to choose where we’re making our differences.” 

“What makes the Neighborhood Grant so special is that partners, individuals like me, get to choose where we’re making our differences.”

— Hayden, barista

Valerie Gooch, Executive Director and co-Founder of The PARC, shares the impact made through the Neighborhood Grant her organization received last year, “Every dollar is very important. If we truly want to make a difference in the lives of people that are homeless, if we truly want to make a difference in our community, it’s going to take a place like The PARC where you’re willing to let people come in, accept them without judgment, get to know them and help them begin to move forward.”

ECO City Farms – Washington, D.C.

Barista Stephanie L. describes the positive impact of the Neighborhood Grants program on ECO City Farms: “Neighborhood Grants is such an amazing program that The Starbucks Foundation provides because not only does it provide produce for the table, but having money from these grants can possibly provide even more. It truly gives back to the community.”

“Neighborhood Grants is such an amazing program… It truly gives back to the community.”

— Stephanie L., barista

Kayla Agonoy, Deputy Director of ECO City Farms, with three locations across Prince George’s County, Maryland outside of Washington, D.C.  says Starbucks partners from a nearby neighborhood store regularly volunteer at ECO City Farms, which has received multiple grants since 2020: “It’s small grants like these that allow us to do what we do. It means more than people probably realize because these Starbucks folks are our community. These are folks in our neighborhood, so it’s coming from within. That’s what I love to see.”  

Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth – Las Vegas, NV

Starbucks store manager Chanel describes the feeling of being able to nominate and award the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth a Neighborhood Grant, in addition to the volunteering she does:

“It really fills my cup to know that I did my part. I hopefully helped someone's life, maybe it was just for a smile or just to know that they’re cared for.” 

— Chanel, store manager

Arash Ghafoori, CEO of NPHY celebrates the connection his organization has built with Chanel and Starbucks through Neighborhood Grants: “The coolest part of getting to meet someone like Chanel – putting a face to the brand and just humanizing [the Neighborhood Grants] – it’s about making sure that we are uplifting your community and making sure that vulnerable youth are getting the chance to be the best and most authentic versions of themselves. And we’re doing that together through partnerships like this.”

Mindful Littles – Orinda, CA 

Michael’s journey with Mindful Littles began in 2018 after the Camp Fire in Paradise, CA. The fire decimated the town and was traumatic for the community and Michael and his fellow Starbucks partners. That’s when they started volunteering  with the organization and first nominated Mindful Littles for a Neighborhood Grant. 

“We knew we had to help. Mindful Littles’ work to support mental health was extremely important. It… provided the community with real tangible support.”

— Michael, former district manager

“We knew we had to help. Mindful Littles’ work to support mental health was extremely important. It helped remove a stigma in the town and provided the community with real tangible support,” said Michael, former district manager. 

Mindful Littles CEO and Founder, Tanuka Gordon calls Starbucks work with Mindful Littles over the last several years, “truly a journey of miracles…After the Camp Fire, the local Starbucks store partners supported our nonprofit to bring the gift of peace for Paradise students and educators coping with the trauma of the wildfire. Since then, we have done countless local community collaborations together in the region. And now seeing so many store partners we know nominate us for a Neighborhood Grant has been so meaningful on many levels!”

The Women’s Center - Raleigh, NC 

“Just having one conversation with one of the women helps them see the good we can do when we come together, uplift others, and show compassion. We nominate, because all people deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, and The Women’s Center brings that to the forefront of what they do,” says Jillian, district manager. 

“We nominate, because all people deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, and The Women’s Center brings that to the forefront of what they do.” — Jillian, district manager

“The grants have allowed us to grow our impact, and Starbucks was an instrumental part of our ability to serve more than 1200 women in total in 2023! Every Thursday, volunteers bring hot, fresh brewed coffee from a Starbucks in the area that is served to our women. There is so much community, camaraderie, and love shared over Starbucks coffee every Thursday morning!” says Amy Smith, Executive Director, The Women’s Center.

Starbucks district manager Dana adds, “Anyone who has visited The Women’s Center sees the need these women have. And they also see their humanity. The women are looking for a sense of belonging and to find joy. If we can help fill those needs even just for a few hours, it makes a difference.”

Kerr Street Mission – Oakville, Ontario

“The Starbucks team has made an undeniable commitment to bettering our clients. You can see it in the love and care they pour into the meals,” says Heidi Avery, Director of Stewardship & Fundraising at Kerr Street Mission.

“It’s always exciting seeing one of our nominations get chosen to receive the grant…not only are we given the opportunity to…support our communities, but they in return [allow] us to enhance those experiences with grants.”

– Skylar, store manager 

Top Causes 

The Starbucks Foundation supports a wide range of causes that Starbucks partners are passionate about addressing in their communities, such as: 

  • Empowering youth 
  • Fighting hunger 
  • Uplifting families 
  • Addressing homelessness 
  • Advancing inclusion, diversity and racial equity 
  • Promoting environmental stewardship 

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Since 2019, Starbucks partners and Starbucks Alumni have submitted more than 80,000 nominations, resulting in more than 10,000 Neighborhood Grants totaling more than $15 million to organizations across the U.S. and Canada. 

In 2024, to celebrate the fifth year of the Neighborhood Grants program, The Starbucks Foundation plans to award $5 million to eligible, local organizations across North America and is inviting Starbucks partners to nominate a local organization in their community. These grants will support organizations that are empowering youth, fighting hunger, uplifting families, addressing homelessness and promoting environmental stewardship. See the last year’s list of grant recipients here