Inclusion & Diversity

Since the beginning, Starbucks has been rooted in a mission to nurture the human spirit. We’re on a journey to create environments where everyone is welcome and feels a sense of belonging.

Progress on this page was last updated March 17, 2023 and is refreshed annually.


Our partners (employees) and our communities are at the center of the Starbucks Experience. Throughout our 51-year history we’ve been dedicated to inspiring and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.  

Our culture has been built with a long line of partners who dared to make Starbucks a different kind of company. With each era, we each make our contribution. To continue this legacy as we create the future of Starbucks, we are radically improving the partner experience so they can thrive – at work, individually and together. Core to this is ensuring that Starbucks is an inclusive, diverse, equitable and accessible company – a place where all are welcome, and our partners feel a sense of belonging.

Developing an inclusive workforce

    MENTORING PARTNERS: Building on the program’s success, expanded mentorship opportunities to include 400 U.S. based store and district managers. 

    15-COURSE ANTI-BIAS CURRICULUM: Developed with Arizona State University, available to the public at no cost.

    100% PAY EQUITY: Since 2018, we have consistently achieved and maintain gender and race pay equity in the U.S. 

Setting and maintaining representation goals

    STARBUCKS U.S PARTNER BASE: Is 71.6% female and 50.5% people from racial and ethnic minority groups. 

    REPRESENTATION GOALS: By 2025, our goal is to achieve racial and ethnic diversity of at least 30% at all corporate levels and at least 40% at all retail and manufacturing roles.  

Creating accountability at leadership levels

    STARBUCKS EXECUTIVES: 100% have compensation tied to the building of inclusive and diverse teams. 

    3 ASSESSMENTS: Publicly available assessments evaluating our commitment to civil rights, conducted by Covington & Burling LLP.  


We believe we have a responsibility to help create opportunity, advance equity and encourage economic growth in every community we serve.

Investing in small business growth in BIPOC communities

STARBUCKS COMMUNITY RESILIENCE FUND: Starbucks launched the Community Resilience Fund in 2021 with the commitment to invest $100M to advance racial equity and environmental resilience by supporting small business growth and local nonprofits in communities with historically limited access to capital by 2025. To date, $37 million was allocated against the Fund’s goal to invest $100 million by 2025. 

Increasing spend with diverse suppliers

SUPPLIER DIVERSITY GOAL: Committed to spend $1.5 billion annually with diverse suppliers by 2030. In FY22, $882 million had been spent with diverse suppliers.

Advancing equity in our communities

    YOUTH SUPPORT: Over 350,000 youth impacted since 2020 through more than $5 million in grants from The Starbucks Foundation to nonprofits serving youth.   

    FOOD GRANTS: $4.3 million in grants from Starbucks to Feeding America® and No Kid Hungry to help increase equitable access to nutritious food. 

Bolstering inclusion in paid media

    15% OF PAID MEDIA BUDGET: Increased investment in diverse owned, created and targeted media groups. 

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