Starbucks Civil Rights Assessments

It is our responsibility to advance racial and social equity and we are committed to furthering that work with intention, with transparency, and with accountability. As part of that commitment, since 2019, Starbucks has commissioned an objective assessment of our work on civil rights, called the Civil Rights Assessment. This evaluation conducted by Covington & Burling LLP under the leadership of former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, Jr., addresses our progress over time and provides recommendations for how we can better advance inclusion, diversity and equity on behalf of our partners, customers and communities.

We continue to pursue greater inclusion, diversity and equity at Starbucks. And as we do so, we are guided by three principles: intentionality, transparency and accountability. Being intentional and transparent is the foundation of accountability, and a meaningful part of our transparency is the regular assessment of our company's commitment to civil rights. It is an objective evaluation that 1) provides a factual and honest review of our journey in inclusion, diversity and equity, and 2) helps us track progress over time to drive truly lasting change.

Kevin Johnson, president and ceo

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