Starbucks Oleato 

Welcome to an experience like no other – a velvety smooth, deliciously lush and elevated coffee experience.

Origin Story

Oleato began in Sicily when Starbucks founder Howard Schultz was introduced to the daily Mediterranean custom of having a spoonful of olive oil. As he sipped his morning coffee, he was inspired to try the two together. There he unlocked the unexpected: coffee enhanced with lush, velvety flavor that lingers beautifully on the palate.

Infused with award-winning Partanna® extra virgin olive oil, Oleato is more than a drink. It is a revelation in coffee, one that is luxurious and next-level. Once an idea, today a drinking experience available nationwide. 

The sophisticated flavor of Oleato beverages reawakens the senses with a new and luxurious experience that must be tasted to be believed. 

Oleato Beverages

Following its debut in Italy in February 2023, Oleato beverages are now available at all U.S. Starbucks company-operated and licensed stores, such as those in grocery stores, airports and college campuses. Starbucks Reserve® locations in the U.S. also serve a unique lineup of Oleato beverages and offer an exclusive tasting experience. Oleato is also available in locations around the world, including Canada, France, Japan, London, and select cities in China.

New Oleato Golden Foam™ Iced Shaken Espresso with Toffeenut* 

Starbucks® Blonde® espresso combined with notes of warm toffeenut and creamy oatmilk, topped with Oleato Golden Foam, a lush vanilla sweet cream that cold foam infused with Partanna extra virgin olive oil*. 

Oleato™ Caffè Latte with Oatmilk 

Starbucks® Blonde® Espresso Roast, a light roast that is smooth and subtly sweet, is combined with creamy oatmilk and infused with Partanna extra virgin olive oil to create a velvety smooth, deliciously lush latte.

Starbucks Reserve Oleato Beverages 

Starbucks Oleato Reserve beverages lineup on wooden bar

The Milan Roastery serves its own lineup of Oleato beverages, featuring Starbucks Reserve® Espresso: Oleato™ Caffé Latte, Oleato™ Golden Foam™ Cold Brew, Oleato™ Iced Cortado with a dash of orange bitters and a sprinkle of orange peel, Oleato™ Deconstructed with a demitasse of Starbucks Reserve Espresso, a press of Partanna extra virgin olive oil, and passionfruit cold foam, and Oleato™ Golden Foam™ Espresso Martini. 

The Starbucks Reserve® Roasteries in Chicago, Seattle and New York, as well as the Starbucks Reserve® store Empire State Building®, the Starbucks Reserve® Greenwich Lane store in NYC, and the Starbucks Reserve® SoDo store in Seattle serve a unique lineup of Starbucks Oleato™ beverages and offer an exclusive tasting experience. To learn more visit More information on the Oleato beverages available at the Starbucks Reserve® Roastery Tokyo is available here

*Golden Foam contains dairy.