Starbucks new colorful merch collaboration honors Women’s History Month

Three cold cups with colorful designs on a lavender background

Shae Anthony has always been an artist at heart. “I call myself a maker,” Anthony said. “I’ve sewn handbags, I’ve crafted jewelry, I'm always trying to turn nothing into something. If it can be made, I've probably tried making it!”  

The creative energy of her hometown of Atlanta helped fuel her artistic passion and her brand, SHE IS THIS. “I was born and raised in Atlanta, so I grew up surrounded by lots of inspiration, from the unique architecture to the colorful wall murals,” she said. “One of my favorite things about my city is the abundance of street art. It's everywhere and has truly become a part of the landscape.”

“As a Black woman I very rarely, or never, saw myself in art. That day I went home, and I started, and it’s been going ever since.”

She made a shift to illustration, with a focus on representing women of color, after seeing a set of art prints that featured Black women for the first time in 2019. “As a Black woman I very rarely, or never, saw myself in art. That day I went home, and I started SHE IS THIS, and it’s been going ever since.”

Now her illustrations are being featured in the latest of the Starbucks Artist Collaboration Series, which celebrates the unique stories of artists from all over the world. Anthony’s collection has a vibrant color palette with her signature colors of orange, teal, chartreuse green and hot pink. “I’m a ‘90s baby, and my style gravitates toward those kinds of colors and patterns. I can’t even help it,” she said. Three pieces of drinkware will be featured in U.S. Starbucks stores this spring, while supplies last. 

Anthony’s 24-ounce plastic cold cup Hero was the first design she created for the series and became the foundation for the collection.

The two-tone figure represents the power of women, and as a way of coming together over the divide of colorism. “I make sure I show all skin tones because my mom has darker skin,” she said. “She's my hero so I try to make sure I always incorporate her tone and my tone and every other tone in between.”  

The 16-ounce stainless steel tumbler Beautiful evokes the spirit of Atlanta’s street art with bold typography and colorful shapes.

“I knew for Women’s History Month I wanted something that was really inspirational, driving home the idea that no matter what that skin looks like or what that hair looks like – you are beautiful,” she said.

Gemstone Gradient is a 24-ounce cold cup that features rainbow shades of purple, red and orange (plus a pop of chartreuse on the lid) to tie the collection together.

“The moment I got the initial call from Starbucks, I just knew I wanted to go colorful,” she said. “Purple is not usually a color I work with, but I made it the basis for the design.”

Target-Exclusive Collection

Target stores in the United States will also feature a series of three Target-exclusive cups, including a 12-ounce ceramic double-wall tumbler with colorful abstract shapes, a 24-ounce cold cup with a layered design and a message to “love yourself,” and a 16 ounce-plastic tumbler with playful line art. 

“It’s a joyful collection, I want you to see that color grab you that you immediately feel happy,” Anthony said. “And then as you come closer you read it, you learn, you get curious about what's going on, and you find out more.” 

Celebrating Women’s History Month 

In honor of International Women's Day, on March 8, Starbucks is proud to recognize the importance of gender equality and the ongoing triumphs and contributions of women – as unique individuals and as a powerful collective. From “the first 10 feet” on the farm to “the last 10 feet” at our stores, and at key points in between, women have always played a crucial role in the coffee business and its future. Join us as we celebrate and support the women farmers, agronomists, roasters, buyers, baristas, artists, and business leaders who make up Starbucks global coffee story. 

In acknowledgment of the impact women have in their communities, The Starbucks Foundation has partnered with nonprofit organizations around the world that promote women’s leadership, create economic opportunities and expand access to clean water and sanitation (WASH) – all in an effort to positively impact 1 million women and girls by 2030.  

To further this goal, The Starbucks Foundation is announcing 10 new projects in the Origin Grants portfolio totaling nearly $4 million to positively impact an estimated 19,000+ women and girls in coffee-, tea- and cocoa-growing communities in eight origins, accelerating progress towards our goal. These new grants will impact women in Colombia, Costa Rica, Cote d’Ivoire, Guatemala, Indonesia, Peru, Uganda and Vietnam. Learn more about the nonprofits receiving Origin Grants in 2024 and other ongoing grants as part of our 2030 goal

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