Find an EV Charger at Starbucks stores from Seattle to Denver

As part of our commitment to a sustainable future, Starbucks worked with Volvo Cars to install 50 DC fast chargers at 15 Starbucks locations from Seattle to Denver, along I-90, I-84 and I-70.   

Charging locations have been installed about every 100 miles, well within the battery range of most electric vehicles, providing much-needed infrastructure for current EV drivers and those considering an EV. The pilot route is part of Starbucks expansion of renewable energy and decarbonization projects in the U.S.

This scenic artery unlocks zero-emission electric vehicle drivers some of the West’s most iconic locations. Snoqualmie Pass in Washington. The Snake River in Idaho. Arches National Park in Utah. Tourist destinations like Park City and Vail, and major community hubs like Boise and Salt Lake City.

The route represents the American road trip at its best and connects the 1,350-mile route from the Denver area to the coffee company’s Seattle headquarters.

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With a goal of reducing its global carbon footprint by 50% by 2030, Starbucks is reimagining the store experience for greater connection, ease and planet-positive impact. Offering EV charging at select pilot locations is just one of the ways Starbucks aspires to be a resource-positive company.

ChargePoint’s DC fast chargers can bring the Volvo C40 Recharge, for example, from a 20 percent to a 90 percent charge in about 40 minutes. Charging times are dependent on factors such as outdoor temperature, current battery temperature, charging equipment, battery condition and car condition.

A map of the stations here:  

Pilot EV Charging Map showing route from Starbucks Headquarters to Denver

EV chargers are installed at Starbucks stores in the following communities:

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