Starbucks Partners with Harry Mack to ‘Reverse Roast’ Coffee Drinkers, Inspiring At-Home Coffee Exploration

A person holding Starbucks packaged coffees in grocery story isle

More than ever, customers are looking for personalized experiences and products that fit their unique interests and taste preferences, and Starbucks is always looking for ways to bring a coffee that's perfect for them. This commitment goes beyond cafes to the everyday, at-home routine with Starbucks high-quality, packaged coffees.

To help coffee drinkers discover the at-home coffee that’s made to be theirs, Starbucks is partnering with uplifting hip hop rapper Harry Mack to celebrate people’s unique taste preferences and take personalization to the next level. With a variety of delicious at-home coffees to choose from in grocery stores, Harry Mack is helping consumers pick the Starbucks® coffee that’s right for them by doing what he does best – impromptu freestyling. Dubbed the “Reverse Roast,” this musical collaboration is a positive and flavorful twist on the standard comedic roast, leaving people with personalized recommendations and a splash of joy in their day.

“Many of us start each morning with a cup of coffee at home, making it important for that small moment to be just right and set the tone for our day. It all begins with finding the best roast for your taste, and we’re thrilled to partner with Harry Mack to energize coffee drinkers to discover theirs,” said Prexa Graves, senior director of marketing for the Global Coffee Alliance. “Whether you’re looking for rich and buttery or light and smooth, Starbucks has a roast that’s made to be yours.”

Last month, Harry surprised grocery shoppers in the coffee aisle to “Reverse Roast” them with real-time coffee recommendations. Freestyling based on personality traits the shoppers used to describe themselves like “vibrant” and “confident,” Harry directed them to signature blends like Pike Place® Roast, Veranda Blend® or Starbucks® Caramel Flavored Coffee.

On Thursday, Feb. 16 (4-5 p.m. PT), Starbucks and Harry Mack are hosting a one-hour live Twitch ‘Reverse Roast’ so even more fans can join the fun. Users can visit Harry Mack’s page at and drop three words describing themselves in the chat for a chance to get their own “Reverse Roast.” Whether you’re silly and free-spirited or laid back and low key, Harry will serve up rhymed recommendations for at-home Starbucks® coffees that are light, balanced, rich, smooth and everything in between.

To learn more about the Reverse Roast campaign or take the Starbucks® coffee match quiz to find the coffee that’s made to be yours, visit

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