Starbucks Global Coffee Week celebrates the people behind your cup

From coffee farmers to roasters, buyers, baristas and so many more, Starbucks Global Coffee Week celebrates the people and communities that make each cup possible. Throughout this week, we will share how our vision for a limitless future of coffee comes to life, as well as telling stories about the innovations, milestones and people behind your coffee.

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During our first-ever Starbucks Global Coffee Week, we are celebrating the power of community to create a limitless future of coffee.

We hear from coffee farmers like Josee and Leonidas in Rwanda, who were able to sell enough coffee to fulfill their dream of sending their children to college. We learn how agronomists on our farm in Costa Rica, like Carlos Mario Rodriguez and Sara Bogantes, are developing new strains of coffee trees that will stand up to climate change. We learn about the art and science of roasting coffee from Bonnie Li, who became the first woman at Starbucks to hold the title of master coffee roaster. We go to the cupping room with Leslie and Sergio, the tasters who sample every single batch of coffee that Starbucks sells. And we meet baristas, like Kelsie who learned American Sign Language to better support Robert, a Deafblind customer at her store. 

In honor of the more than 37,000 stores, 400,000 partners (employees) and thousands of farmers and communities across the globe that bring the magic of coffee to life, Starbucks is celebrating our commitment to ensuring the future of coffee for all.

Because for us, it’s personal. With every cup, every conversation, and in every community we serve. That is our mission and promise.

Each day this week, we’ll highlight a different theme, each one essential in coffee’s journey from bean to cup, including:

    Growing responsibly around the world

    Ensuring a sustainable, resilient future of coffee

    Making human connections

    Meeting customers where they are

    Celebrating coffee passion

    Innovating for the future

    Investing in our global communities

How we’re celebrating

For Starbucks Global Coffee Week, we will spotlight the many ways coffee brings us together: 

Coffee tastings for customers at participating stores

Coffee festivals at Starbucks regional support centers

Documentary film on CBS that tells the story behind Starbucks coffee

Starbucks leaders sharing their stories all week on LinkedIn

Stories about new climate-resistant coffee varietals; our digital traceability program that connects your cup of coffee back to farmers; new technologies like the Clover Vertica™  and portable cold-foam blenders that change the coffee experience for customers, partners and the environment; the return of the Coffee Master Program

A new People in Coffee feature on Starbucks Stories that tells the stories of farmers, baristas, coffee roasters and others around the world

“We’ve always believed in the magic of coffee. It has long been a catalyst for connecting people - with one another and themselves - sharing stories, and sparking joy in each day,” said Laxman Narasimhan, Starbucks chief executive officer.

“Today marks the start of Starbucks Global Coffee Week. We are celebrating what we do best - nurturing the limitless possibilities of human connection with every cup. 

“In the more than 50 years since Starbucks was founded, we’ve redefined the craft behind the perfect cup. That tradition of great coffee sets us apart. And as we look to the future, it’s our responsibility to build a more sustainable, equitable and resilient future for coffee, our communities and our planet. We’re proud to dedicate this week to sharing this global vision. I hope you’ll join us in raising your favorite beverage – to coffee!”

The power of one cup of coffee

Every cup of Starbucks coffee makes a world of difference. Here’s how you are helping create a better future for people and the planet:

Developing a sustainable and resilient coffee supply for the future

Donating millions of coffee trees to farming communities

Investing in global communities and an equitable supply chain


partners graduated

with a college degree at no cost through the Starbucks College Achievement Plan


Neighborhood Grants

delivered to more than 10,000 organizations across the U.S. and Canada

Launching a reusable cups program

Opening our new China Coffee Innovation Park

Donating more than 50M meals through our FoodShare program


Community Stores

opened in underserved neighborhoods


Military Family Stores

opened to support our military communities

Innovating new brew methods and better technology for better coffee

Creating inclusive and accessible digital and in-store experiences

Connecting with the shared passion of millions like you around the world

‘Brewing innovation, nurturing human connection’

Starbucks is living out our mission and values and staying relevant, more than 50 years since our inception.

Watch the full documentary, from CBS News’ Innovators and Disruptors series.

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Watch this blog each day throughout Starbucks Global Coffee Week for updates, stories and highlights.

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