Sneha, manager, one of 20 all-women stores – India

My journey, it’s been full of curiosity, learning new things, and of course, developing myself from a barista to a store manager. 

When I started working in an all-women store, we were open about everything, like sharing anything with our team. When we have our store briefings, we could talk openly. So that was one thing which I loved the most about an all-women store. And I love how the customers also observed us… it was like, they were surprised. They’ve never seen this thing.  

What makes it special is, of course, the development of our women co-workers. They start building the leadership qualities.

Starbucks is a place where new ideas are welcomed. It means working in a positive environment where there are no boundaries to one’s growth and learnings. I always go back to the time when I was new to this organization and I was happy to know that the mission and values are not just theoretical, they also can be seen vividly in our stores.