Merel, plant supervisor, Amsterdam Roasting Plant – Netherlands

In manufacturing operations, every day is different. We receive the green coffee, load and clean it, roast coffee, bag the coffee and load the pallets with bagged coffee on the trucks. As simple as it sounds, every step has its own challenges, and each step must be in perfect synch for the process to work.  

It takes the right people, training, and dedication to make this happen. Challenging as this might be, we make it work and I get to learn something new every day about our people, products and processes, which fits perfectly with my curious nature. 

From a manufacturing position, I can say that women in any type of manufacturing environment are rare and thus more valuable, even more so in leadership positions. Know your value, recognize that the qualities and experiences you are bringing are valuable and others can learn from them. Above all, empower others – do what you love and give it your all. It might not work out the first time, or the second or third, but you will make it work.