Janeth, assistant store manager, California

Bachelor’s degree in communication

Before joining Starbucks and participating in SCAP, Janeth, an assistant store manager at a Starbucks in Van Nuys, California, had tried going to college three times. But each time, she had to drop out due to housing insecurity and the challenge of trying to juggle multiple jobs. A key factor in being able to earn her degree through SCAP, she said, was having the support of her managers and her store partners.

“Starbucks really helped me,” she said. “My leaders really, you know, they really pushed me to continue and they were able to give me and accommodate the schedule that I needed for it.” 

Janeth says her dream is to ultimately use her bachelor’s degree in communication to help others, particularly those who are experiencing homelessness or to advocate for kids in the foster care system.

“(My degree) means the world because I've tried so hard for so long. … It means so much to be able to say that I have a degree and I'm knowledgeable in a field that's so valued. And I love the fact that I can use it to open doors and cross bridges.” 

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