Day 2: Ensuring a Sustainable, Resilient Supply 

This Global Coffee Week, we’re highlighting the ways we’re fighting for the future of coffee, from the work of our agronomists at Hacienda Alsacia and our 10 Farmer Support Centers around the world, to our ambitious sustainability goals – to give back to the planet more than we take. 

Coffee is at the core of Starbucks. So we’ve committed to ensuring a sustainable future of coffee for all. It’s that thinking that led us to develop, in 2004, one of the coffee industry’s first ethical sourcing standards – Coffee and Farmer Equity Practices. And it’s why, 10 years ago, we bought and renovated Hacienda Alsacia in Costa Rica, our one and only farm that’s become our global research, development and innovation hub.

There, led by research and development agronomists like Carlos Mario and Sara, we’ve developed six climate-resistant coffee varietals that have a combination of good yield and great taste. We offer them for free to farmers around the world through our open-source agronomy initiative, whether they sell to Starbucks or not. To read more about our sustainability initiatives, go here.   

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