Day 1: Celebrating the people behind your cup

This week marks the first Starbucks Global Coffee Week, where we’re celebrating our commitment to ensuring the future of coffee for all. We’re also celebrating the incredible people behind your cup of coffee.

We’ll learn how agronomists on our farm in Costa Rica, like Carlos Mario Rodriguez and Sara Bogantes, are developing new strains of coffee trees that will stand up to climate change. We’ll go to the cupping room with Leslie and Sergio, the tasters who sample every single batch of coffee that Starbucks sells. And we’ll meet baristas, like Kelsie who learned American Sign Language to better support Robert, a Deafblind customer at her store.

To read more, and to find out how your cup of coffee is helping create a better future for people and the planet, go here.

Watch this blog each day throughout Starbucks Global Coffee Week for updates, stories and highlights.