Day 5: Celebrating Coffee Passion 

We’re proud to invest in our partners in meaningful ways and provide them opportunities to grow personally and professionally. One big recent investment is the return of our Coffee Master program, for retail partners in North America.  

In the last year, more than 10,000 partners have earned their coveted Black Aprons, which signifies their deep passion and knowledge for coffee, and their completion of the Starbucks Coffee Academy course. All global coffee masters are eligible to apply for Origin Experience trips – which this year took place in Costa Rica, Rwanda and Indonesia – where they can fully immerse in the story of coffee “at the first 10 feet” on the farms.  

During Global Coffee Week, we’re proud to feature Coffee Masters like Jeongyoung and Karima, store managers who bring coffee to life, and to also offer our Coffee Academy courses, for free, to customers. To read more about how our partners celebrate and embody coffee passion, go here.

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