A little kindness is never really little

Coffee brings us together, and kindness connects us all.

A happy customer in a park shows off a Starbucks cup with “You got this!” written on it.
A customer and a barista laugh together while standing outside.
Three baristas share a laugh behind the counter.

Discover and share kindness

Explore and experience the kindness around you. Our immersive AR (augmented reality) experience features kind messages you can share to brighten someone’s day.

Step in and be inspired—all you need is your phone and a moment to take it all in.

Kindness uplifts us all

You never know what a simple and kind “Hello” can lead to. Join our friends Charlie, Mei Mei, Morgan and Neenib as they share ways to spread kindness in and outside of our cafés.​

Kindness: The Universal Language​

Kindness is a vital human experience. See how kind acts can lead to transformative outcomes—such as the friendship between Starbucks partner Kelsie and customer Robert, who is DeafBlind.​

A vi​brant portrait of community

Captivated by his joyful style, we worked with the Starbucks Arts Program to commission a mural from Los Angeles artist Sebastian Curi to reflect kindness we see in our neighborhoods, which is, as the artist observes, “an invitation to belong.”​

Every day, in every community, moments of kindness are happening. When times are tough, they can be harder to see. But through our store windows, we’ve been privileged to watch kindness come to life in all shapes and sizes.

From a thoughtful note on your cup to a sincere “thank you” to your favorite barista, even the smallest gesture can have a big impact. So let’s keep celebrating the kindness around us and sharing the kindness within.

We’re shining a light on the kindness we see every day in our stores and communities.

Help build a kinder, braver world

Co-founded by Lady Gaga and her mother, Cynthia Germanotta, Born This Way Foundation encourages people of all ages to build kindness into their lives every day.​

We teamed up with them to support #BeKind365, an online platform designed to engage, excite and encourage kindness 365 days a year. Join the global movement.​

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5 things to know about first-ever Starbucks Promises Day