A little kindness is never really little

January 29, 2023

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Coffee brings us together, and kindness connects us all.

A happy customer in a park shows off a Starbucks cup with “You got this!” written on it.
A customer and a barista laugh together while standing outside.
Three baristas share a laugh behind the counter.

Every day, in every community, moments of kindness are happening. When times are tough, they can be harder to see. But through our store windows, we’ve been privileged to watch kindness come to life in all shapes and sizes. 

From a thoughtful note on your cup to a sincere “thank you” to your favorite barista, even the smallest gesture can have a big impact. So let’s keep celebrating the kindness around us and sharing the kindness within.

We’re shining a light on the kindness we see every day in our stores and communities.

Kindness uplifts us all

We're honored to highlight some of the many inspiring stories of kindness we've heard from our partners (employees) and customers.

Kelsie, partner

When Robert walks into Kelsie’s store, she greets him like she does every customer. Except Robert is Deafblind, and Kelsie communicates with him using a combination of American Sign Language and Tactile Sign Language that she learned from another barista who is Deaf.

“It’s very life-giving to be able to have that moment or be able to connect with someone,” she says. “That is something I don’t want a customer to miss out on.”

Robert and Kelsie stand next to each other, smiling and communicating to each other using tactile sign language. Robert is wearing a hat and jacket and his long, white beard sticks out from under his face mask while Kelsie is dressed in a black t-shirt and a red Starbucks apron. This photo is collaged with illustrations of a pink heart and a white cup with handwriting that reads “The world is better with you in it.”

From a customer in Rye, NY

“It had been another crazy morning getting the family up early. After I dropped the kids off at the bus stop, I went into my local Starbucks and ordered my usual. But when I reached into my jacket pocket, I noticed I had left my wallet and phone at home. Thankfully the kindest woman was standing behind me and offered to pay for my coffee. I don’t know her name, but thank you SO much to whoever you are.”

A quote from the story that reads “I don’t know her name, but thank you SO much” collaged with illustrations of a heart and a Starbucks cup.

Rianne, partner 

A week after buying her first home, Rianne almost lost it to a forest fire. But her community was spared thanks to the heroic efforts of local firefighters.

Rianne, a store manager, started delivering bags of coffee and notes of appreciation to local stations. Other stores in the region followed suit. “They don't just save houses. They save dreams,” says Rianne. “They saved what I was trying to create for my son.”

Rianne stands smiling and wearing a green apron in front of a fire truck while holding a 5 pound bag of coffee with a firefighter on either side. The photo appears next to a quote from the story that reads “They save dreams.”

Fill your cup with kindness

Three illustrated Starbucks cups against a light green background. Handwritten notes on the cups read “You got this!” “Today is your day” and “You’re amazing”
thumbnail for Sylvia, national coffee ambassador, store manager – China 

Sylvia, national coffee ambassador, store manager – China