A collage of three images: On the left, a closeup of a basket of red coffee cherries with people's hands picking them up. In the center, a male Starbucks barista handing a ceramic cup of coffee to a customer. On the right, a female coffee farmer in Brazil standing in a field of coffee trees wearing a hat and red plaid shirt.

Uplifting communities with every cup

The coffee you order helps support our commitment to farmers and their communities. From donating disease-resistant coffee trees to investing in sustainable agricultural practices and conserving water in coffee processing, we’re working to empower communities and improve livelihoods.

Here's how we're making a difference

Two women, one white and one black, standing in front of a field of coffee trees in Tanzania.
Uplifting more than one million women and girls
Addressing climate change by donating 100 million disease-resistant coffee trees
Investing more than $150 million in agricultural innovations
Building a sustainable future for coffee for both people and planet

“The thing I enjoy the most is when I see the impact on the ground, when you do something and it creates a positive impact to farmers.”


The Starbucks approach to ethical sourcing

Female Starbucks partner wearing a hat and green shirt standing in front of the coffee bar inside the cafe located at Hacienda Alsacia in Costa Rica.

Starbucks is committed to buying 100% ethically sourced coffee, conducting business responsibly and supporting communities where we do business.

Trace your coffee's journey

A person scans a bag of coffee with their smartphone to view the Starbucks traceability website.

Learn more about the people and places behind every bag of Starbucks® coffee.