Honoring connection among the Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander communities

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Starbucks partners are coming together during Asian, Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month to champion and learn about the diversity of the communities.

In honor of AANHPI Heritage Month, the members and allies of the Pan-Asian and India Partner Networks at Starbucks are joining forces to support one another and build community across many cultures.

The two partner networks have scheduled numerous moments to celebrate diversity within Starbucks and are sharing special opportunities for anyone to learn about the cultural intricacies and diversity of the AANHPI communities, as well as engage in acts of service.

In this short video, Starbucks partner Florence shares how her family’s history as Vietnamese refugees has given her the strength and resilience to balance a career, parenthood and serving as a community champion for numerous causes. Her story epitomizes this year’s AANHPI Heritage Month theme: “Our Stories. Our Heritage. Our Future.”

Get Involved

Join partners nationally in supporting The Asian American Foundation, an organization Starbucks is teaming up with for their commitment to combating anti-Asian hate and creating belonging.

The Asian American Foundation serves the Asian American and Pacific Islander community in their pursuit of belonging and prosperity that is free from discrimination, slander and violence.

You can join in supporting TAAF two ways:

The Pan-Asian Partner Network and India Partner Network also support local organizations across the U.S. through service and by nominating these organizations for grants from The Starbucks Foundation's Neighborhood Grants Program. Here are just a few of the local non-profits that our partners work with to strengthen their communities:

Learn With Us

Starbucks partners embrace opportunities to be as inclusive as possible. This means recognizing the many identities within the AANHPI communities – and continually educating ourselves. Positive change starts with learning the basics of allyship and advocacy.

The interactive videos below are from the To Be Welcoming course, “Welcoming Dialogue on Asian American/Pacific Islander Bias,” and present ASU faculty and subject matter experts answering commonly asked questions about Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders.

Continue your education by participating in the full “Welcoming Dialogue on Asian American/Pacific Islander Bias” course.

Get Inspired

Recommended listening throughout AANHPI Heritage Month from our partners:

An eclectic collection of traditional and current songs that reveal the warm and welcoming sounds of the Aloha state.

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Video: Starbucks Origin Experience Costa Rica 2024