Highlights from Starbucks Investor Day 2022 

Today, Starbucks is hosting its biennial Investor Day at the Starbucks Support Center in Seattle where Starbucks leaders, including interim chief executive officer Howard Schultz and chief financial officer Rachel Ruggeri, are showcasing the company’s Reinvention plan to an in-person audience of more than 150 investors. Remote viewers can watch a livestream of the event here. We will update this page with news throughout the day. 

What you need to know about Starbucks 2022 Investor Day

Woman in green apron holds tray of small glasses of cold coffee, serving audience

Starbucks hosted its biennial Investor Day on Tuesday; here are some of the day’s highlights.

Starbucks Enters New Era of Growth Driven by an Unparalleled Reinvention Plan

Introduces three-year financial roadmap, delivering annual 7-9% comparable store sales growth, 10-12% revenue growth, and 15-20% Non-GAAP EPS growth.

Recipe for reinvention: Starbucks unveils innovations for better customer, barista experiences

At Starbucks Tryer Center, as part of the Reinvention plan, baristas and Starbucks Support Center teams create and test ideas to make stores more efficient. 

Reimagining the Third Place: How Starbucks is evolving its store experience

Learn how Starbucks is modernizing its stores and extending its Third Place connection beyond its four walls. 

Thriving partners: How Starbucks is radically improving the retail partner experience

At Starbucks Investor Day on Tuesday, company leaders shared commitments to radically improve the retail partner experience, renew well-being and unlock potential by creating jobs with dignity, purpose and opportunities for growth.