Colorful illustration of group of women representing variety of ethnicities, ages and abilities

Celebrating women as leaders and changemakers

This year, we’re celebrating the Starbucks Women's Impact Network (WIN), a network of partners (employees) from around the country who are leaders and changemakers raising up our communities.

Partner Networks like WIN create connections over shared experiences and values, encourage professional growth, raise awareness of important issues and serve as a bridge between our stores and the communities we serve.

Join us this month as we serve, learn and get inspired.

Get Involved

During Women’s History Month, we’re spotlighting two organizations that are important to Women’s Impact Network members around the country. These organizations uplift women and girls through services that provide job support, financial stability and essential skills for healthy and balanced lives.

One of the nation’s oldest organizations dedicated to women’s issues, YWCA USA is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.

Be an advocate for women, girls and their families.

YWCA USA has received a grant from The Starbucks Foundation to launch a pilot project across 10 locations that will help young women of color gain and maintain meaningful employment and achieve financial stability through a trauma-informed workplace development curriculum.

Dress For Success empowers women worldwide to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and development tools to thrive at home and at work.

Give the equivalent of one hour of your wage to "Your Hour Her Power®" to help women achieve economic advancement.

Starbucks partners across the U.S. have nominated local Dress for Success locations for Neighborhood Grants from The Starbucks Foundation.

Learn With Us

Knowledge is power.

Shifts around gender identity and social norms are rooted in women’s movements for social change. Women’s organizing has paved the way for innovations in research and social policy around gender and inequality, as well as shifts in cultural attitudes and social norms that impact our everyday lives.

Our partners at Arizona State University have curated a toolkit that covers key concepts exploring intersectional experiences of all women from the Welcoming Dialogue on Gender Bias course, one of 15 offered through the To Be Welcoming anti-bias curriculum.

Engage in constructive conversations and become an ally.

Get Inspired

We appreciate strong, resilient women who are using their voice and experiences to make the world a more inclusive, understanding place for girls to learn, lead and thrive.

Nobel Prize laureate and girls' education activist, Malala Yousafzai highlights artists who inspire her.

Listen to a curated Spotify playlist with handpicked favorite songs from Malala.

Malala Fund + Starbucks

The Starbucks Foundation has been working with Malala Fund to uplift women and girls in coffee, tea, and cocoa communities.

Illustrations for this Women’s History Month are inspired by our own Nina P., a Starbucks partner, senior designer and Women’s Impact Network member.

"There's a lot of passion and heart behind this work, and with that some vulnerability in sharing it. My hope is that you'll identify with the artwork and feel uplifted, seen, and celebrated." -Nina P.

“I always gravitate towards art that celebrates the strength of women and the beauty of nature, so working on this was a dream project. I was so inspired by the Women’s Impact Network mission statement to "Ignite the power of women through partners, allies and community" and I wanted the strength and sense of belongingness to come through in the artwork.

My core words that I set to ground myself and come back to in this work are ‘Supportive, evolving, and empowering.’

There's a lot of passion and heart behind this work, and with that some vulnerability in sharing it. My hope is that you'll identify with the artwork and feel uplifted, seen, and celebrated.”