Starbucks partners with Nate Berkus on holiday at-home portrait series

With the holidays approaching, Starbucks is helping families across the U.S. create a new kind of DIY family portrait with the loved ones you can be with this year.

In partnership with design expert Nate Berkus, Starbucks curated a powerful Holiday At-Home Portrait Series showing how Starbucks holiday coffee connects us through the little moments we share together at home – especially during a year that has been anything but picture perfect.

Nate is sharing his tips + tricks so each family can put a new lens on their own holiday portraits, including:


On shoot day, you want to have your head in the game, especially if you’re having to get children and pets camera-ready. What ceremonies or rituals do you create to make sure your day starts off right? For me, it’s hands-down my morning cup of coffee. And the perfect thing to set the mood for your holiday portraits? The layered, balanced and sweet flavors of Starbucks® Holiday Blend Coffee.


Take a minute to really think about where in your home you want to set up for your portraits. Your home should reflect the best parts of you and your family. So, if you have a favorite moment in your home, think about setting up there. Be mindful of what will be in the shot; you want your home to shine and complement the portrait, not distract from it.


There’s a lot to reflect on and be grateful for when you think about everything that has happened this year. No. 1 on my list, and probably yours, are the people in our lives. So, gather your loved ones, and capture a thoughtful, intimate portrait to mark this time – because none of us are going to forget 2020.

Plessy family portrait
Plessy Family Portrait


Your portrait subjects are likely to strike a pose. Let them. Then, when everyone thinks you’ve got the shot, keep clicking. The “in-between” time, when everyone relaxes and stops paying attention to the camera – that’s when you will get the shot. Crack a joke or be silly. You want to capture these candid moments and let your loved ones’ personalities really shine through.


If your portrait includes a big group it can get crowded quickly. Stagger people by height and make sure people aren’t blocking each other and that everyone’s face is visible. That being said, let go of perfection. If people are enjoying themselves, that will translate on camera. Posed and perfect are so not what 2020 is about.

Lopez family portrait
Lopez Family Portrait


As a dad I know too well how tricky photographing children can be. The end result doesn’t need to be perfect, remember that. My go-to’s – toys and snacks. And if they end up in the shot? Well, they are kids, and no one is going to care. The more natural the better and, as parents and pet owners, we all know that a little bit of chaos is real life! Celebrate those moments.

Yusuf family portrait
Yusuf Family Portrait

To see more of Nate’s tips, and to learn more about the Starbucks Holiday At-Home Portrait Series, visit the Starbucks® Coffee at Home website here.

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