Join The Starbucks Foundation in supporting the Red Cross

In response to Hurricane Laura’s impact on U.S. Gulf Coast states, and the recent wildfires in California, The Starbucks Foundation is contributing $150,000 to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief. The donation will help the Red Cross prepare for, respond to and help people impacted recover from disasters like these.

Join The Starbucks Foundation in helping those in need by donating directly to the Red Cross using the link below.

For more information about how the Red Cross is assisting in the wake of Hurricane Laura, click here, and for more information on how the Red Cross is supporting those affected by the California wildfires, click here.

As an Annual Disaster Giving Program member, The Starbucks Foundation has committed $500,000 annually to the Red Cross in advance of disasters to help ensure the Red Cross is on the ground as disasters strike.

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