Dogs have their day at Atlanta Starbucks

It’s a proud moment when your pup makes it onto the “Four-legged Wall of Fame” at this Starbucks drive-thru in Atlanta, Ga. The baristas enjoy doggy visitors so much, they decided to celebrate them with their very own photo wall.

The team at Spring & 4th Street Northwest has embraced the four-legged crowd with extra enthusiasm. When partners saw their favorite canine customers coming through the drive-thru, “it made their whole day,” says Emily Matthews, the store manager. Regulars are known not just by their favorite drink order, but also by their dogs. Sometimes, baristas would even write the dog’s name on their cup.

“And customers just loved it,” Matthews says.

Matthews recognized that this was a real moment of connection at her store and wanted to make it even bigger. She got a Polaroid camera and started snapping photos of the dogs at the window. She writes the dog’s name on each picture and puts it up for all to see.

“We actually had a customer tell us he was on his way back from the gym and was going to come through our drive-thru,” Matthews says. “He went home to get his dog, Winter, and then came back, just so he had the dog.”

Now the “Four-Legged Wall of Fame” greets all drive-thru customers, and any pup passengers.

“Every time the customer comes through, the dog is part of the store, essentially,” Matthews says. “We’ve seen some of the dogs actually pose for us. They get so excited to get their picture taken.”

-- by Jessica Dubey