Starbucks supports Hurricane Dorian Relief efforts and invites customers to donate via Mobile App and in store

Customers who wish to aid in the relief efforts for Hurricane Dorian can donate to the American Red Cross in any U.S. company-operated store and through an app card on the Starbucks mobile app.

Customers in the Bahamas can participate in a donation drive in stores across the islands, with Starbucks Bahamas and John Bull Group of Companies matching up to $25,000 in customer donations to support the Bahamas National Emergency Management Agency. Other stores in the Caribbean including Trinidad and Tobago, Cayman, and Jamaica are hosting a “Keep the Change” program to collect customer donations in support of disaster response efforts coordinated by the Sandals Foundation.

The Starbucks Foundation is contributing $50,000 to support the Bahamas disaster response efforts, with $25,000 going to the Sandals Foundation and $25,000 to Team Rubicon. In addition, The Starbucks Foundation’s annual support of the American Red Cross through the Disaster Responder Program ensures the Red Cross can provide food, emergency shelter, relief supplies and comfort to those affected by disasters like hurricanes and countless other crises.

All U.S. and Canada Starbucks partners (employees) who make a personal contribution to the relief efforts can request matching funds through the company's Matching Gifts program.

Starbucks CUP Fund (Caring Unites Partners), funded by Starbucks partners, will also be a resource available to U.S. and Canada partners in need who apply.  

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