Four ways to support your wellness at Starbucks this fall

Hand holding large Starbucks coffee with scarf in background

Starbucks nutrition expert Kate Schenk, MS, CN shares her top personal tips to support your wellness this fall. 

Get a boost of Vitamin C

Fall is right around the corner and the change in seasons has people looking for ways to support their wellness. Starbucks offers a variety of food and drinks that make it easy to incorporate nourishing options into your day. Schenk shares her top tips for eating well and staying hydrated at Starbucks this Fall season and all year long:  

Vitamin C is important to supporting your wellness. I personally love a warm, comforting cup of Teavana™ Defense Wellness Tea. With notes of citrus and lemongrass and 92 mg of Vitamin C in a grande size, this revitalizing white tea is comforting and helps support everyday wellness.  

Eat more plants 

Fueling your body with a balanced diet is key for wellness. I recommend eating more plants by incorporating fresh fruits, vegetables and fiber-rich whole grains into every meal. Starbucks Hearty Blueberry Oatmeal is a great option – with a simple list of ingredients and fresh blueberries, it makes for a satiating, delicious breakfast. For lunch or snack, I like the Egg and Cheese Protein Box, which contains sliced tart apples and grapes alongside cage free hardboiled eggs, white Cheddar cheese, multigrain muesli bread and honey peanut butter. 

Stay hydrated  

Remember to stay hydrated throughout the day. One easy way to do this is to keep your favorite cold cup tumbler or water bottle nearby, so it’s top-of-mind to refill regularly. Starbucks has some beautifully designed drinkware including mugs, cold cups, tumblers and more that are perfect for this.

  Take care of your whole self 

Wellness is more than just the food you eat; it’s also about supporting your mental and physical health, and ensuring you’re getting enough rest.   I feel physically stronger when I get regular exercise or movement, and it helps me feel more focused and able to take on the day. It’s always important to find a moment for yourself and recharge, and I personally enjoy sipping on a cup of brewed, unsweetened green tea to do just this. Try a cup of Teavana Jade Citrus Mint Green Tea, available at Starbucks and where you buy groceries. 

For more Starbucks beverages with Vitamin C, as well as barista tips for customizing your beverage visit here on the Starbucks Press Center. For suggestions of wholesome food options at Starbucks visit here.

thumbnail for New, more sustainable Starbucks cold cups are made with up to 20 percent less plastic

New, more sustainable Starbucks cold cups are made with up to 20 percent less plastic