When love and coffee click

By Luanne Dietz and Joshua Trujillo / Starbucks Newsroom

For nine months, Blues He and his wife, Kidd You, lived a world apart after Blues moved to the U.S. to train to become one the first coffee roasters in China. United in their shared passion for the craft of coffee but married only a month before his journey began, they stayed connected by sending each other a photo a day from Seattle where Blues was training and Shenzhen, China, where Kidd lives. Daily, she mashed them up, making two disparate images taken thousands of miles apart into one new whole.

“We would share the local customs in our respective cities which formed this memory that belonged to us,” Kidd said.

At the beginning they had no idea that these photos would turn into a life-long memory symbolizing the start of their love and support for each other in accomplishing their dreams. 

All their hard work and sacrifice of separation paid off when Kidd got to see her husband roasting coffee for the first time at the new Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Shanghai. 

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