Endless Possibilities

Meet two Starbucks partners who create opportunity in the face of uncertainty.


Current Starbucks College Achievement Plan student, North Carolina

For Fiamma, who immigrated to rural North Carolina from Argentina at age five, working at her parent's farm became a lifetime of inspiration.

"I would always be around farmers and go to farms. I was around chickens all the time. I fell in love with nature and the environment, and I just wanted to protect it."

Though she always loved the work, Fiamma also desired to learn more. With limited access to college, internships and jobs, she struggled to take the next step in life.

Following her dad's guidance, Fiamma found a break while applying at her local Starbucks and immediately connected with the company's values.

"It was very loving, very accepting and very open to being different. I really valued how they care for their partners and help them find a direction in life."

With help from the Starbucks College Achievement Plan, Fiamma turned her love for nature and the environment into a sustainable opportunity. Now a senior, Fiamma uses her passion to inspire other underserved youth on the Starbucks Youth Leadership Council.

"Our job is to reach out to these people. Starbucks has given me the strength to have a voice. A voice too often lost with people in situations like I had."


2016 Starbucks College Achievement Plan graduate, Texas

Working as a shift supervisor on a northern Texas campus, Bethany got to know people from all over the world.

"I realized how much I loved other cultures and getting to know them.€"

Those personal experiences became the inspiration for an academic pursuit. Growing up in a lower middle-class family, college was a priority but not readily accessible. Then she discovered the Starbucks College Achievement Plan offers full tuition coverage for more than 70 undergraduate degrees at ASU.

"It's really incredible to finish my degree knowing I don't have to take out loans or apply for hundreds of scholarships."

Touched by the hardships of the Syrian conflict, Bethany saw her calling in helping those who truly need it. Her degree in family and human development helped her connect the dots.

Now a full-time case manager, Bethany helps new families in America attain self-sufficiency. No task too big or small, she navigates social security and language barriers and coordinates medical needs and even transportation.

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