Colorful Cold Brew on the Starbucks menu in Asia this spring

Starbucks stores in Asia are celebrate spring with beautifully layered handcrafted coffee beverages featuring unique fusions of Signature Espresso and unexpected ingredients like butterfly pea flower tea and macadamia nut. Available starting Feb. 20 in Starbucks stores in 11 markets in Asia for a limited time, while supplies last.

New Starbucks® Butterfly Pea Lemonade Cold Brew

A mesmerizing hue of blue Butterfly Pea flower tea layered with refreshing lemonade and topped with deliciously smooth Starbucks Cold Brew coffee. Starbucks®, Butterfly Pea Lemonade Cold Brew features butterfly pea flower tea – a trending ingredient in Southeast Asia, which is distinct for its natural blue shade and color-changing properties. It reacts with the lemonade to create captivating swirls. Available iced only.

New Starbucks® Macadamia Cocoa Cappuccino

A flavorful twist on Starbucks classic Cappuccino, the Starbucks® Macadamia Cocoa Cappuccino enhances the bold espresso taste with rich macadamia chocolate sauce and creamy milk foam. This indulgent beverage is topped with a swirl of nutty chocolate sauce and a crumble of macadamia nuts and graham crackers for added crunch. Available hot and iced.

Starbucks® Tahitian Vanilla Macchiato 

A customer favorite returns this Spring! Starbucks® Tahitian Vanilla macchiato infuses velvety steamed milk with aromatic, caramelly Tahitian vanilla syrup, topped with Starbucks Signature Espresso and finished with vanilla bean specks and vanilla drizzle in a classic double crosshatch pattern.  Available hot and iced.

Eat, Drink and Love Lunch Time

This season, Starbucks is introducing delicious new lunch options that pair perfectly with Starbucks handcrafted beverages. Featuring quality ingredients and gourmet recipes inspired by international cuisines, these new lunch offerings are perfect for on-the-go or dining-in, giving a mid-day energy boost to help get through the afternoon.  Available at participating Starbucks stores in 13 Asia markets starting Feb. 20, while supplies last.

Roasted Chicken and Baked Potato

Enjoy the hearty flavors of the Roasted Chicken and Baked Potato – a colorful plate of chicken, potato and tri-color bell peppers, seasoned in flavorful herbs and packed in a beautiful ramekin. Pair the dish with Starbucks® Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew. 

Roasted Chicken Wellington

Roasted Chicken Wellington wrapped in golden brown, flakey puff pastry, and filled with grilled vegetables and succulent chicken. Pair it with a Starbucks® Iced Shaken Lemonade for an afternoon lift.

California Chicken Flatbread

The mouthwatering California Chicken Flatbread features crispy, cheesy bread topped with tender, grilled chicken breast and diced vegetables, finished with a drizzle of spicy ranch mayo for a little kick. Try it with Starbucks® Teavana™ Shaken Iced Hibiscus Tea Lemonade.

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