5 easy ways to reduce, reuse and recycle

Thursday is America Recycles Day, a day to pause, evaluate what each of us can do to ensure a sustainable future – and then take action. Around the country, thousands of events are happening, from shoe drives to litter clean ups to composting workshops, but there are things you can be doing every day that have a big impact.

Sustainability is a top priority for Starbucks. The company has an ongoing commitment to recycling, including recent announcements about Greener Stores, strawless lids and the NextGen Cup Challenge to make sure we are doing our part.

If you’d like ideas on how you can help make the world a greener place, here are five easy things you can do to make a difference:

1. Recycle right

Learn how to sort your trash correctly. Most cities have guidelines on what is considered “landfill”, “recycling” and “compostable.” And when recycling, always be sure to rinse your plastics.

2. Go Reusable

Coffee cups are a great place to start. Since 1985, Starbucks has rewarded customers with a 10-cent discount when they bring in personal tumblers. If you’re looking for a new favorite reusable cup, Starbucks has a new assortment of reusable drinkware as part of the holiday collection available in stores now.  

3. Start a Recycling Challenge

Get rid of those “one trashcan fits all” receptacles in your workplace or household and opt for a sorting system to encourage recycling behavior.

4. Volunteer Your Time

Team up with your neighbors to keep your community litter-free. Starbucks stores host community service projects year-round: Starbucks.Volunteermatch.org.   

5. Advocate in your Community

As part of Starbucks sustainability commitment, we partner with the National League of Cities to build Recycling Reimagined, an action guide that details how communities can get educated and involved in bettering their recycling infrastructure. You can send this link to a local elected official, arming them with everything from case studies and pilot programs from other cities, to resources on successfully setting waste reduction goals.

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‘By us and for us:’ New Starbucks merch inspired by LGBTQ+ community