Upstanders Season 2 offers discussion guide, lesson plans for educators

People of all ages can draw inspiration from those featured in our second season of Upstanders, a collection of 11 short films, written stories and audio books that highlight everyday people who are courageously doing extraordinary things to create positive change. We want, especially, to inspire the next generation of people willing to stand up and make a difference in their communities. 

To help facilitate discussion between educators and students about civic engagement, civility and service, Arizona State University (ASU) in partnership with Starbucks, has created lesson plans and discussion guides. ASU’s discussion guide poses thought-provoking questions for educators and citizen change-makers to facilitate engagement with the series. ASU's suggested lesson plan offers activities for teachers to implement in their classrooms targeting students in grades 5-12. These activities aid students considering the issues and actions presented in select Upstander videos, and they prompt students to think critically about how they can improve issues in their own community.

Please download a pdf of the Upstanders discussion guides here, lesson plans here and engage with stories through the Upstanders site and mobile app. Upstanders first season discussion guide available here.

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Starbucks new colorful merch collaboration honors Women’s History Month