Starbucks Reserve Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Returns for Limited Time

High in Jamaica’s Blue Mountains grow some of the world’s rarest and most exquisite coffee. Shrouded by a blue-tinted mist, these beans are nurtured by blankets of dew and fertile soil, the ideal growing conditions for an extraordinary coffee. The result is a complex beverage that is both balanced and sweet, with notes of brown sugar, apricot and chocolate.

Starbucks Reserve® Jamaica Blue Mountain® is now back for a limited time in select Starbucks® stores.

The Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica sets meticulous standards for growing, harvesting and processing their coffee, with each bean being inspected and certified to meet rigorous quality standards before it can earn the Jamaica Blue Mountain name.

Starbucks Reserve coffee buyer Ann Traumann describes what makes Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee so special.

“The coffee-growing region on the island of Jamaica is very small compared to its neighbors in Central America,” Traumann said. “But the growing conditions are unique, and the coffee grown on estates here produce layers of cocoa and citrus unlike anywhere else in the world.”

Starbucks Reserve® Jamaica Blue Mountain joins a lineup of four Starbucks Reserve® coffees in select stores in the United States, Canada and

Nicaragua Monimbo

Starbucks Reserve® Nicargua Monimbo has become an example for the coffee community for its continued leadership in sustainable practices. Balanced and sweet with notes of brown sugar, apricot and chocolate.

Guatemala Acatenango Volcano Valley

Starbucks Reserve® Acatenango Volcano Valley is a complex balance of floral aromas and notes of orange peel, cocoa and brown sugar nougat, influenced by the rich volcanic soil from Guatemala’s Acatenango Valley.

Tanzania Itende

Starbucks Reserve® Tanzania Itende helps build a brighter future for Tanzanian youth, with the Itende JKT Estate giving young farmers aged 18-22 the chance to learn coffee cultivation through a hands-on-voluntary government program. The fruits of their efforts are a superb coffee, noted for its herbal and floral aromas complemented by winey fruit notes and brown-sugar sweetness.

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