Starbucks Introduces New Coffees on the Go

Starbucks customers have new ways to get their coffee on the go this spring with Starbucks ready-to-drink beverages, including the new Cocoa & Honey with Cream Starbucks® Cold Brew and a Cubano Starbucks® Doubleshot Espresso inspired by Cuban coffee. Beverages are available where groceries are sold.

Cold Brew

The same smooth flavor of Starbucks® Cold Brew Blend slow-steeped in Starbucks® stores is also one of Starbucks most popular ready-to-drink beverages. This season, customers can try the new Cocoa & Honey with Cream Starbucks® Cold Brew, joining black, unsweetened Starbucks Cold Brew launched in 2016. Cocoa & Honey with Cream Starbucks® Cold Brew is rolling out to grocery stores this week starting with the West Coast, Northeast, Southeast and Great Lakes regions. Unsweetened Starbucks Cold Brew is also available in grocery and select Starbucks stores nationwide this summer.

Frappuccino Bottled Coffee Drink

Starbucks has now added Dulce de Leche Frappuccino® bottled coffee drink to its lineup, with a smooth blend of sweet caramelized milk and coffee.


Starbucks is offering three new Doubleshot varieties for customers, including the new Cubano Starbucks Doubleshot® Espresso inspired by Cuban-style coffee, Espresso and Salted Caramel Cream and Caramel Starbucks Doubleshot® Coffee & Protein are also new additions to the Doubleshot family.

Iced Coffee

Starbucks® Iced Coffee multi-serve beverages are the perfect way to enjoy iced coffee at home. Customers can now bring home convenient multi-serve bottles of Starbucks Iced coffee in new Blonde Roast, for those who prefer a light and mellow flavor, and new Dark Roast for a bold and robust coffee experience. These join Starbucks Iced Coffee Medium Roast, which are delicious black and unsweetened or customized with a splash of milk, a favorite sweetener, or a little ice. Avalable now in a 48-fluid-ounce bottle in the chilled section at grocery stores nationwide.

North America Coffee Partnership

More than twenty years ago, Starbucks and PepsiCo started the North America Coffee Partnership and launched Starbucks® Bottled Frappuccino® chilled coffee drink. What started out as a nascent category has grown to be more than 40 ready-to-drink Starbucks beverages and more than $2 billion in retail business.

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Starbucks new lavender drinks offer a taste of spring for everyone