How the Starbucks Cascara Latte brings coffee full circle

Think of our new Cascara Latte as a reunion of sorts.

Inside each coffee cherry are seeds we’ve come to know (and love) as coffee beans. We meticulously roast the green coffee beans to unlock their flavor. Then you get to enjoy them.

To get to the beans, coffee farmers have to remove the fruity outer layer of the cherry, also known as cascara . Normally, the cascara and the beans go their separate ways. Nothing personal. That’s just how producing coffee goes.

But thanks to some innovative thinkers at Starbucks and inspiration from the Roastery, the gang’s back together again.

Here’s how the Cascara Latte brings coffee full circle.

When added to your latte, our cascara syrup offers delicious notes of dark brown sugar and maple. It’s subtly sweet and complements the espresso nicely, according to Starbucks product development manager Erin Marinan. She’s part of the team that created the Cascara Latte.

The Cascara Latte is finished with a sweet topping made with cascara extract and cane sugar. Baristas sprinkle the topping on the microfoam in a line. When you look at it from above, it looks kind of like a coffee bean. Full circle, once again.

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