Learning the Story and Art Behind a Cup of Starbucks Coffee

The key to appreciating good coffee lies in knowing the story and art involved in creating every cup.

Recently, Starbucks Philippines shared coffee knowledge with consumers at the company’s Coffee Appreciation Festival, which took place at the Grand Atrium in Shangri-La Plaza. This two-day exploration showcased the origins of coffee and how it is roasted, blended and brewed before it's enjoyed by Starbucks customers.

Festival participants experienced how to unlock the full potential of coffee and the best way to create a perfect cup every time with four basic fundamentals of brewing. This includes the right proportion of coffee to water, different grind levels, clean water at the right temperature and freshness of coffee.

During coffee tasting activities, consumers also learned how to recognize the nuances of coffee’s flavor, including its aroma, acidity and body. Starbucks Coffee Masters led coffee tastings to demonstrate how to smell, slurp, locate flavors on the tongue and describe coffee characteristics.

Brewing demonstrations were also highlighted at the event and featured methods such as the Pour-Over and the classic Coffee Press. Brewing with a coffee press retains the precious natural oils that paper filters absorb, and extracts the coffee’s full flavor while giving it a consistency that’s thick and rich. The Pour-Over is a beautifully simple and accessible way to brew a single cup of coffee with clean, fully developed flavor and body.

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2024 Starbucks summer highlights