The Real PSL Returns for an Exclusive Interview

Over the years, many reporters have tried to land interviews with Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. The elusive PSL has refused most interviews because he only has two modes each year: very busy or not available. While Starbucks customers await the return of their favorite fall beverage, @TheRealPSL – now a teenager – shares his Top 13 memories.


Well, we have to start with the day I was created by the brilliant Peter Dukes in 2003. He’s never given up on me and I just owe him so much! 'sniff' You the man Peter!!


Awww, I love marriage proposals! #blessed


Drink me hot or blend me up. Either way, I’m smoooooooth.


Oh! 2014. That’s when my publicist/cat Ginger let me join Twitter! I guess seeing me mentioned 3,000 times a day finally convinced her.


Don’t I look good? Last year was the year of me. Gotta be real, real, you know? Although I still get a little whipped cream because treat yoself. #realpumpkin


That time my worst nightmare almost came true. So glad I woke up. #thereisnopumpkinemergency


I knew I’d made it when pets around the world dressed as me for Halloween. Shout out to Chico, the Pompkin Spice Latte!


I’m everything you want, I’m everywhere you need. No, seriously, everywhere. Want me in a K-Cup? Got you covered. VIA? Boom, done. Bottled? On my way. Having a party? Multi-serve option baby! Tea’s more your spice? Teavana’s Pumpkin Spice Brulee is nice. #squadgoals


PSL Days were a turning point in my formative years. Can I get a “P-S-YELL?!”


My 10th Birthday Party! What a blast. My friend Meg got a little Nutty. Oh, that Nut Meg.


That cup for my birthday was epic! I was top of all the best-dressed squash lists. Two words: Birthday Bling.


Oooh the Pumpkin Spice Challenge! Do you know any other gourds with a challenge named after them? Didn’t think so. Also, still trying to figure out how a town with only one Starbucks pulled off the upset.


TBH, what I’ve got planned for this year is hot. Can’t wait to share it soon but gotta put the finishing touches on it first – then we’ll chat. 'wink'

*You get that this isn’t really an exclusive story, right? We thought so. Go ahead, share it.

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