‘The Girl Who Always Has Starbucks’

When graduation photos are taken at the University of Ottawa, seniors are invited to bring along something meaningful to pose with. A baseball player might bring a catcher’s mitt or a musician might select a set of drumsticks. Alexis Rosandich’s selection – a Starbucks cup – made sense for her, and for most people who know her.

The 21-year-old will graduate in April with a degree in Health Sciences. Then she’ll enjoy a gap year living in Texas with her father before continuing with her graduate studies. A native of a small town in southwestern Ontario, Rosandich arrived in Canada’s capital city four years ago and, after adjusting to some freshman homesickness, settled in, joining a sorority and making friends.

Rosandich wasn’t a coffee fan before she moved away from home. But that changed as her college studies progressed.

These days, she’s known in her social circle as “the girl who always has Starbucks.”

“Anytime I go to the mall, I get asked if I need to get Starbucks. My answer is always yes,” she said.

When it came time to have her graduation photo taken, Rosandich remembered the option of bringing a fitting prop to along and made a stop at Starbucks. She knew those close to her would understand.

“I didn’t tell my friends and family that I would be posing with the cup, and when I finally posted it everyone laughed, because that is one way many people describe me.”

Photo credit: Portraits Now