Starbucks Store Offers Front-Row Seat to Las Vegas Strip

In the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, a 3,200 square-foot Starbucks® store anchors the Grand Bazaar Shops at Bally’s Casino complex. But inside, customers don’t sit at tables with chairs. Instead, they relax on theatrical stadium seating for 30 to 40 people in the center of the store and surrounding bench seating.

“This is a unique seating experience tailored to the idea of theater,” said store designer Erich Mele. “Customers can enjoy the tiered spaces on either side of the grandstand seating, which organizes the space architecturally while providing great views to the theater of our coffee bar or to that of the bazaar beyond.”

The design team has created an inspiring atmosphere with a warm color palate. Architectural elements are made from walnut wood, black steel, concrete and glass. A Starbucks Reserve® Clover® station and cold brew bar provide an elevated coffee experience, while curated artwork and images and video projected on a 150-square-foot movie screen tell the story of Starbucks coffee from bean to cup. Even the grandstand seating feature was inspired by the terraces found in many of coffee-growing landscapes.

“Our intention was to create a unique destination that explored and celebrated the origins of coffee, with an expanded focus on Starbucks Reserve coffee and cold beverages,” said Mele.

While the interior of the store may be serene, the exterior features a modern, undulating covering in vivid colors. After nightfall, the design element comes alive with white flashes of light choreographed to modern pop music during the Grand Bazaar’s nightly light show.

“Las Vegas brings in people from all over the world who are eager for theatrical experiences,” Mele said. “Here they can sit back and enjoy the activity both inside and outside the café while being entertained through the lens of coffee.”

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