‘Unity’ Playlist Curated for U.S. Starbucks Stores

For decades, music has been both a mirror that reflects society and culture, and a magnet that unifies people and helps them express common emotions. In the wake of current events, Starbucks Entertainment Team has curated music to foster togetherness through songs that transcend generations and genres.

Starbucks will begin playing a special "Unity" collection of music overhead in more than 7,500 Starbucks company-operated stores in the U.S. beginning today (July 13). The playlist will also be available for partners (employees) and customers through the Starbucks Profile on Spotify.

“I am deeply troubled by the events of not only the past week, but the last few years as we face the dysfunction and discord present in our great nation," said Howard Schultz, chairman and ceo, Starbucks. "With stores in nearly every community across America, Starbucks has long served as a place for connection. And while ours is but a small role to play, I am humbled and honored to share this curated music selection during a time when our country needs to heal and demonstrate empathy for one another more than at any recent time in our history.”

“Music has a profound impact on human connection, and this curated list from Starbucks represents many of the artists who value love and acceptance," Schultz added.

The in-house Starbucks Entertainment team is responsible for programming the music heard daily in Starbucks® stores, which includes thousands of songs across all genres, reaching nearly 90 million customers globally each week.

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