Atlanta’s Peachtree Store Showcases Starbucks Small-Lot Reserve Coffees

Peachtree is Atlanta’s Main Street and one of the city’s oldest thoroughfares. Parade floats and motorcades often make their way along Peachtree, passing grand old homes, hip boutiques, and gleaming skyscrapers.

On the corner Peachtree Street and 7th Avenue, in the heart of Atlanta’s Midtown neighborhood, Starbucks is offering some of the world’s most rare, small-lot coffees through its exclusive Starbucks Reserve coffee program.

“We wanted to celebrate Starbucks Reserve and create an immersive coffee experience for our customers in Atlanta,” said store designer Geoffrey Painter.

The store takes inspiration from Starbucks Roastery and Tasting Room in Seattle, with an atmosphere that invites customers to sit down and stay a while. Customers can pull up a stool at the end of the 20-foot coffee bar and experience a range of brewing techniques including siphon, Chemex, pour-over, espresso, and Clover.

The store features Starbucks core menu in addition to Reserve specialty espresso beverages prepared on a manual Black Eagle espresso machine such as a Shakerato Bianco, sun-dried Cold Brew, and brewed Reserve coffee. All store partners are certified Coffee Masters, and wear black aprons that signify their coffee knowledge and passion.

Painter, who grew up in metro Atlanta, said the design was created with Midtown customers in mind. Atlanta-based artist Tommy Taylor, who lives just a few blocks from the Peachtree store, contributed several fine art pieces, including a painting, drawings, a coffee belt world map, and a mural for the patio. The covered patio is a welcoming space, like a neighborhood front porch.

“When you walk up the first couple of steps – there is an open air terrace with a community table, ceiling fans, and a wall of windows,” he said. “It’s a great place to relax on a spring day.”

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