Starbucks Almondmilk is Now Available Nationwide

Once a niche offering, almondmilk is now the most popular non-dairy option, representing 60 percent of that market, according to Mintel Data, which tracks grocery shopping habits.*

Starbucks launched its proprietary almondmilk in select stores in the Pacific Northwest, Northern California, New York, Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions in early September. It was one of the most requested My Starbucks Idea customer suggestions of all time, which prompted the company to offer the beverage in its stores. To mark the national availability of Starbucks Almondmilk today (September 29), beverage and nutrition experts share their recommendations for enjoying this non-dairy alternative.

Order as an Iced Beverage

Starbucks barista Hannah Realy-Sanchez finds that almondmilk tastes best iced. She recommends a tall iced almondmilk latte with one-and-a-half pumps of white mocha and Toffee Nut syrup.

“The Toffee Nut syrup brings out the natural nutty flavor in the almondmilk and the white chocolate mocha sauces gives it just the right sweetness. It’s a great afternoon treat,” she said.

Provide Varying Levels of Sweetness

Frances Largeman-Roth, is a registered dietitian nutritionist and author of Eating in Color. She regularly contributes healthy lifestyle and nutrition advice to her clients, social media followers and viewers of national morning shows.

“I'm an Americano fiend. Adding steamed Starbucks Almondmilk to the equation adds richness and just a little bit of sweetness for those mornings when I've had an extra hard workout, or an especially challenging drop-off with the kids,” Largeman-Roth said.

Willow Jarosh, is a registered dietitian and cookbook author of the Healthy, Happy Pregnancy Cookbook.

"I order the Chile Mocha with Starbucks Almondmilk, no whip, and extra spice topping. Because the Chile Mocha is sweetened, I love using Starbucks Almondmilk as well because it reduces the overall sweetness a bit and I taste maximum dark chocolate. Adding the extra spice topping means even more chile heat," said Jarosh.

Enhance Espresso Flavor

Starbucks certified nutritionist, Kate Schenk, recommends trying the company’s almondmilk in a core espresso beverage.

"Many customers have looked forward to Starbucks Almondmilk for a long time, so I am sure they are eager to try it in a seasonal beverage or a favorite customized handcrafted beverage," said Schenk. “I tend to prefer classic espresso beverages and since the Starbucks Almondmilk recipe was designed with a light, nutty sweetness, I would recommend starting simple. Try a latte or cappuccino made with our almondmilk because the almond flavor really comes through.”

Starbucks Almondmilk is available in U.S. company-operated and licensed stores for an additional 60 cents.

*Mintel: U.S. Non-Dairy Milk, April 2016

Starbucks is following the latest industry approach by spelling non-dairy milk alternatives as one word, almondmilk, rather than two words.

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