New Starbucks Mobile Order & Pay Features

Starbucks adds features to its industry-leading Mobile Order & Pay platform, making it easier than ever for customers nationwide to save time by ordering ahead.

Here's What's New

Favorite Orders – New for iOS*

Get your go-to items added to your next order.

  1. To save an item, simply tap the heart on the item you’d like to “Favorite.”
  2. When building your next order, tap “Menu and Favorites” to view your Favorite items; one click adds them to an order.


Favorite Stores – New for Android

Add a store as a “Favorite” and select it for your order pick up. This feature was added to the Starbucks App for iOS earlier this month and it's simple to use.

  1. When building your order, tap the drop down arrow to reveal a quick list of Favorite, Previous and Nearby stores.
  2. Tap the heart in the list to “Favorite” a store.
  3. When building your next order, you’ll see a list of both your favorite and previous stores based on the stores you visit most frequently.

In the coming months, Starbucks will continue to add features to its mobile app for customers' convenience and to provide recommendations tailored for each user.

Just one year after being adding to the industry-leading Starbucks App, Mobile Order & Pay accounts for more than 5 percent of the company’s transactions in the U.S.

For more tips and tricks to navigating the Starbucks App, check out the Top 10 Things to Know About the Starbucks App.

To use the features described above, customers must update to Starbucks App for iOS v4.3 or Starbucks App for Android v4.3.

*Feature is available for Starbucks App for iOS customers. Android version to follow.

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