Affogato Line-up at Starbucks Roastery in Seattle

 On 8/16/2016 the name Starbucks Cold Brew changed to Starbucks Nariño 70 Cold Brew.

Starbucks Reserve Coffee Meets Ice Cream

The Starbucks Reserve® Roastery and Tasting Room has always been about immersing customers in the craft of coffee. From roasting to brewing, some of the rarest, limited-availability coffees in the world take center stage there. Starting today, these coffees will do a bit of immersing in the form of a new Affogato line-up of beverages as part of the Roastery’s cold coffee menu.

Translated from Italian as “drowning,” the new Affogato-style experiences take locally-crafted Mora ice cream and then drown with Starbucks Reserve espresso. The simplicity of pouring hot espresso over cold ice cream not only offers a rich creaminess at first taste, but exposes the nuanced flavors unique to each espresso.

“Our Reserve coffees bring endless inspiration for us to continue to showcase each unique coffee in unexpected ways. What better way to continue to do that than with Affogato,” said Amy Dilger from Starbucks beverage development team.

In addition to the featured Affogato line-up, the expanded cold bar menu also offers a Reserve Cold Brew Float and a Malted Milkshake.

Mora Iced Creamery

Just a ferry ride away from the Roastery in Seattle, Mora Iced Creamery was created by husband and wife co-owners Ana Orselli and Jerry Perez in 2005. They make small batches of ice cream using fresh milk, eggs and cane sugar. Shortly after opening their first ice cream shop, the company quickly grew to a footprint of three stores as well as an online business.

Although this is Mora’s first collaboration with Starbucks, their connection with the company goes back more than a decade.

“When we first moved here from Buenos Aires with our daughters in 2002, we were given a copy of Howard Schultz’s book, ‘Pour Your Heart Into It.’ We were inspired by his story and vision to bring people together with an experience,” Orselli said.

Fast forward to 2016, when Starbucks called.

“When I saw Starbucks had called on the caller ID, my first feeling is that I forgot something at my neighborhood Starbucks store,” said Perez. “But when I learned they wanted to work with us, it was very emotional. For us to come to this country as immigrants and now get a call from Starbucks, all I could think was ‘Wow.’”

Mora is known for its impeccably-crafted, small-batch ice creams – the perfect partner for Starbucks Reserve coffees.

New on the Roastery Menu

Affogato: A trio of beverages celebrating the classic Italian dessert. The Classic Affogato is made with two shots of Starbucks Reserve espresso poured over a scoop of ice cream, resulting in the drowning creaminess of the ice cream in rich espresso. The House Affogato adds a touch of demerera syrup and a dusting of cinnamon, while the Shakerato Affogato is made with Reserve espresso shots shaken to an icy froth, poured over ice cream, lightly finished with vanilla syrup and a mint sprig.

Cold Brew Float: Starbucks Roastery’s small-lot Cold Brew poured over ice cream. This is also available with Nitro Cold Brew. The Float menu will also include a seasonal specialty, the Vesuvius, which combines Cold Brew shaken with orange peel, orange-piloncillo syrup and ice. Named after Mount Vesuvius in Italy, when the Cold Brew is strained over the ice cream, it’s reminiscent of a subtle volcanic eruption, then finished off with a dusting of mocha powder and an orange twist.

Cold Brew Malted Shake: A nostalgic nod to the corner malt shop, Starbucks Roastery’s Cold Brew is spindle-blended with ice cream, malt, and bourbon barrel-aged bitters.

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