What Makes Evolution Fresh Smoothies Different? 5 Simple Things


Each of our smoothies is made from Evolution Fresh™ cold-pressed juice, delivering an authentic taste experience. We believe in a different approach to making juice: cold-pressed using high pressure processing. It’s our way of protecting the juice’s flavor and nutrients.


All of our smoothies are free of artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colors and flavors. You also won’t find added sugars in our smoothies – it is all naturally derived from the dairy used to craft the Greek nonfat yogurt and the fruit and vegetables used to make our cold-pressed juice. Each of the cold-pressed juices in our smoothies has a little something special. Like mango in our Sweet Greens Smoothie, or a squeeze of lime in our Mango Carrot Smoothie, and just a hint of vibrant beet in the Strawberry Smoothie.


Evolution Fresh™ has been serving cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juice for 20 years, and each of our smoothies – including our fruit-forward ones – contain veggie juice. Inspired by our fan favorite, Sweet Greens and Lemon, we knew what it’d take to translate this delicious cold-pressed juice into the next generation of the family – the Sweet Greens Smoothie. We took our favorite greens but blended in a little something extra – mango and banana – for a splash of natural sweetness.


Make it your own. There are more than two dozen ways you can make an Evolution Fresh™ Smoothie your own. Pick a flavor – Sweet Greens, Strawberry or Mango Carrot – then go from there. Vegan? Sub the Greek nonfat yogurt for coconut milk. Want more protein post workout? Add extra Greek yogurt or protein powder. Looking for some extra potassium? Add a banana. And of course…you can always add some leaves of fresh kale for some extra Vitamin K. (Note: some of these upgrades have an additional charge).


The perfect partner. To let our fruits and vegetables shine, we needed the perfect canvas that highlighted, not hid, our cold-pressed juice. Evolution Fresh joined culinary forces with Dannon to create a proprietary Greek nonfat yogurt that has the perfect mild taste and creamy texture.

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