Celebrating the Ugly Christmas SweaterTradition at Starbucks

We may never know the identity of the first person who found a garish, seasonally themed sweater buried in the bottom of grandad’s box of Christmas ornaments and tangled strings of lights and proclaimed, “I’m wearing this to the office party!”

That person unwittingly unleashed an international trend several decades ago that is becoming more of a thing with each passing year.

Whereas ugly sweaters used to be salvaged from the back of closets or pulled from the discard pile at used clothes stores, these days they’re department store staples as the holidays near. Books, movies and television specials celebrate the craze and ugly sweater office parties dot the December calendar.

National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day is “officially” celebrated on the third Friday of December. Starbucks took part in the ugly sweater craze, too, as Starbucks baristas wore festive pullovers adorned with jovial snowmen, wild-eyed reindeer and the occasional partridge in a pear tree.

A trio of new Ugly Sweater Cookies are available through the holidays in Starbucks® stores. The gingerbread treats are wearing not-so-ugly frosted sweaters featuring a snowman, snowflake and Christmas tree.

Don’t worry if the cookie you select clashes with your sweater. No one minds.

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