Celebrate National Iced Tea Day, June 10, with a Free Beverage

To celebrate National Iced Tea Day, Teavana (NASDAQ: SBUX), a leader in high-quality loose leaf teas and beverages, is encouraging iced tea drinkers to reimagine and up-level their iced tea experience, with an invitation to come in to a participating Teavana® store for a free 16-ounce Pineapple Berry Blue iced tea on June 10, while supplies last.

According to the Tea Association of the USA, 85 percent of tea consumed in America is iced tea, and loose leaf iced tea is gaining in popularity. Teavana features some of the most unique and flavorful premium loose leaf teas using some of the finest full tea leaves along with ingredients like fruits, flowers and spices.

Reimagining the Tea Experience

Teavana loose leaf teas are made from some of the finest whole tea leaves and the epicurean blends combine the best of science and artistry to bring out bold and exotic flavors.

“High-quality, loose leaf tea allows our customers to truly experience the subtleties and the full flavor of our straight teas and epicurean blends,” said Naoko Tsunoda, tea authority and director of tea development at Teavana. “Whether you’re new to tea or a tea enthusiast, that first sip of delicious, loose leaf iced tea immediately transforms the way one thinks about this refreshing beverage. The delicious, bold, exotic flavors are perfect for celebrating summer with family and friends.”

Free Iced Pineapple Berry Blue Tea on National Iced Tea Day

Tea lovers can visit participating Teavana stores all day on June 10 to receive a free 16-ounce Pineapple Berry Blue iced tea, no purchase required (one free Pineapple Berry Blue iced tea per customer, while supplies last). With juicy, vibrant berry flavors blended with sweet tangy pineapple, Pineapple Berry Blue is refreshing when served iced, perfect for those warm summer months.

“What I love about loose leaf iced tea is the different flavors that you can create. Sometimes I take two or three of our blends and steep them together to uncover a delicious and refreshing treat,” said Tsunoda. “Pineapple Berry Blue is a result of blending Pineapple Kona Pop and Blueberry Bliss Rooibos together.”

Inspired by the rich blueberry fruit, Blueberry Bliss uses a South African green rooibos base, as its natural citrus notes complement the sweet berry notes. Pineapple Kona Pop is an herbal blend, inspired by tropical Hawaii with its quality fruit and indigenous flowers.

Growing Popularity of Tea in the U.S.

“Tea is on the rise across America, with iced tea now the most consumed beverage at lunch time. In our Starbucks stores where Teavana tea is served; our tea sales rose 15 percent year-over-year mostly due to the popularity of our Teavana shaken iced tea,” said Annie Young-Scrivner, president, Teavana. “We have hundreds of iced tea options, and we welcome customers to join us at Starbucks or Teavana to experience some of the highest-quality and most delicious teas.”

100 Teavana Teas to Explore

“Our vibrant blends offer customers delicious refreshment and there is no better way to start the loose leaf tea journey than with one of our very own epicurean blends, like Pineapple Berry Blue,” continued Young-Scrivner. “Teavana stores offer 100 different teas for our customers to enjoy and explore.”

Iced Tea Happy Hour June 11-14

Bring the Loose Leaf Iced Tea Experience Home

Making homemade loose leaf iced tea is easy and delicious, and with Teavana products like the Modern Iced Teamaker, it’s simple to steep a large batch of iced tea, perfect for summer entertaining.

“When making iced tea, I recommend exploring and tasting different flavors that blend well together. Try blending fruity and fruity, fruity and floral, or even pure teas with fruity overtones using a rooibos, black or herbal tea, or a flavored or scented green tea, to serve over ice,” said Tsunoda.

Adds Tsunoda, “More than 30 percent of consumers drink iced tea at home, but only 10 percent are drinking loose leaf tea. Gone are the days of brewing iced tea from oversized tea bags or putting a jar in the sun. This is how people should be enjoying iced tea and we encourage customers to taste the difference for themselves.”

To enjoy loose leaf iced tea at home, first double the amount of loose leaf tea used in a regular brew. If a sweet tea is preferred, add Perfectea® rock sugar to the brewer first and then add hot water, giving a little stir until dissolved. Then add the loose leaf tea and steep for the allotted period of time. By adding the rock sugar first our beautiful crystallized rock sugar will dissolve evenly and elevate the natural sweetness of our blends.

“Our Perfectea rock sugar is my sweetener of choice,” said Tsunoda. “Made of Belgian beets, this sweetener elevates and maintains the integrity of the multi-layered flavor profile we designed for iced teas.”

After the hot tea is brewed, immediately pour tea into a glass or pitcher filled with ice, as the sudden cooling keeps the flavor and scent of the tea intact.

“Once you see how easy it is to brew loose leaf iced tea, there are fun ways to add your own signature elements to your beverage,” said Tsunoda.

Tsunoda recommends trying the following to elevate the iced tea experience:

Flavor Cubes: Be the hostess with the mostess and impress guests by freezing flavor cubes from the iced tea blend in the ice cubes. Instead of using water to make iced cubes, use another iced tea beverage for a layered visual dynamic and flavor profile.

Getting Fizzy with It: Make a sparkling tea for the ultimate summer refreshment. Simply brew double-strength tea with sweetener to taste; let it cool and then add sparkling water.

Iced Tea-tini: Turn a favorite iced tea into a cocktail by chilling the double-strength brewed tea sweetened to taste, then mixing it with a favorite spirit. Serve over ice or in a martini glass with garnish.

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