Starbucks Expands Digital Tipping to Canada

Today, April 15, 2015 Starbucks is expanding the digital tipping feature to customers using Starbucks® mobile apps in Canada. This feature allows customers to show their appreciation to store partners (baristas) by leaving a tip through the Starbucks® app for iPhone® or the Starbucks® app for Android™.

After completing a transaction via mobile payment, customers who have enabled notifications within the Starbucks app will be prompted to leave a tip if they choose. Customers will have the option to leave a tip in the following denominations: $0.50, $1.00, $2.00. This amount can be completed or edited within two hours after the original transaction.

Digital tipping has long been a top suggestion on, an online community for people to share, vote, discuss and put into action ideas on how to enhance the Starbucks Experience.

Customers who have their app preferences set to update automatically will see this feature available on April 15. If customers do not have auto-updates enabled, they should visit their app store to make necessary updates.

The Starbucks® app for iPhone® is free and available for download through iTunes® and the Starbucks® app for Android™ is free and available for download at Google Play.

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